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About Hibernation Textiles and The Sullivans

My name is Rachel Jean Sullivan and I am blessed to live in Cooper Landing, Alaska where we wear hats year round! I moved to Alaska in 2008 to continue river guiding and my lovely and talented boss Cory taught me my first crochet stitches. Life has never been the same since, and my crochet hook is always nearby. I crochet free hand, without patterns which allows me to be very creative.

I inherited an antique spinning wheel from my grandmother, Anne Mernaugh and started spinning in the fall of 2009. Angora is my favorite fiber to spin, and I began raising my own fiber producing Angora rabbits in 2010. We harvest their fiber three to four times per year and about 25% of my hats contain their fiber. Their hair is eight times warmer than wool and much less itchy than other natural fibers.

We launched Hibernation Textiles in 2010 and it has been a pleasure to go to festivals and sell hats at some great stores all over South Central Alaska! My husband, Adam also fills many positions at this tiny company, from delivery man to head carpenter and assistant bunny wrangler. We have since welcomed our Molly and Titus to the family and they have inspired me to make many more children’s hats. We hope to meet you at one of our upcoming festivals, or out and about on the Kenai Peninsula!

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(most of my spinning and crocheting is done with at least one baby sleeping on me)

Wearable Art Made in Cooper Landing, Alaska!