Welcome to the shop! There is a lot to choose from on this page and many of these could certainly be for men too. Each of my hats are handmade and one of a kind so be sure to describe what colors you’d like. I will start making your hat right away and your order should ship within a week. Also visit our facebook page to see the most current creations.

 Bunny Beanies $45

 These hats feature our handspun and homegrown angora yarn and will come with a photo of which rabbit your hat came from! These are our best sellers and where my creativity really shines.  My favorites are swirls and trees but other designs I have made in the past include paw prints, specific mountain ranges, waves, hearts and the list goes on. Even when I try, no two are ever exactly alike.

The Rapunzel- $45

       This braided hat just might inspire your knight in shining armor to scale the castle walls.  Flower and beads are optional.

Slouch – $45

 Whether spring is just around the corner, or the cold winds have just begun to blow, choose to see the flowers instead of the weeds!


Women’s Fuzzy beanie – $40

Someone once told me that winter forms our character and brings out our best…I think a good hat can do the same. Best of all is to have a strong mind and a soft hat.


Swirly Headband – $35-$40 with angora.

I LOVE headbands! They are great for bad hairdays or every day! I can make yours however you would like, with a flower or a button to make it as unique as the model it will belong to.

Women’s Hood- ears optional -$90

It’s been said that the Eskimos have 52 names for snow. No matter what you call it, this hat can handle it!

Flapper Flower Sunhat- $45

With just a little extra bill and a low hanging flower, this one brings out the Gatsby in every girl.

Flower Headband – $35-45

Our headbands are usually tapered in the back to create the perfect fit that is warm but never bulky. With one flower or up to seven! You can even tell me your favorite flower on the order form and I will make it happen!

Harbor Scarf – $75

I don’t make scarves often, but this style is just the perfect kind of cozy and I love to cable! Perfect for the active woman, with functional buttons to keep your scarf exactly where you need it.


Wearable Art Made in Cooper Landing, Alaska!