Welcome to the men’s section! As with all of my hats, you can order exactly what you see or customize the colors and styles to make the ultimate outdoor hat that is certain to be the one thing you never leave home without! If you prefer wool or wool alternative, just be sure to include that in your description and I will start crocheting your design right away!

Double Thick Mens Beanie-$40

Are you the kind of guy who plays raquetball with a waffle iron and a bowling ball? Then this is your hat for every occasion, no more shopping ever. This hat will keep you toasty warm in all seasons and weather conditions and will become your trusty side kick on all of your adventures.


 The Fisherman’s Friend – $40

 This ruggedly handsome hat is warm enough for your longest day on the river or frozen lake. It also comes with thick earflaps that allow you to conveniently not hear your phone ring. Just keep on fishin’!

Billybeanie- $40

 This river ain’t no place for your kid’s ball cap. This manly hat has a short bill, perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes, or tipping your hat hello at the ladies.

The Mr. Carlson-$45

This hat is versatile and ready for anything with a thick bill to keep the wind and rain out of your face. The ear flaps also can flip up if you need to cool off or stay down around your ears for when you just need to get stuff done.

Wearable Art Made in Cooper Landing, Alaska!